In the advent of technology, you can purchase whatever it is that you need online. The same thing goes for jewellery. There are plenty of jewellers who took their collection online instead of just having a pop up store somewhere. If you are planning to purchase jewellery online, you really have to look into various factors. In this article, we share to you some do's and don'ts in purchasing jewellery online.


Buying Dos


Check the images and videos of the jewellery. If the images or videos of the jeweller's products look like stock photos, that should already be a red flag to you. If the site lacks images or videos, contact them to ask if you can obtain pictures or videos. A trustworthy jeweller just like Certified Diamond Network will not hesitate to help you.


Check the reputation of the jeweller. Do not just purchase from the first online jeweller you see. Check their reputation first and ensure that they get positive feedback from their clients.


Compare prices. Do not just stick to one online jeweller. Visit various jewellers and see what they can offer. Compare prices until you find the best deals.


Buying Don’ts


Don't easily believe deals that are too good to be true. This is why it's important to compare prices from different jewellers first. Once you have an idea on the average price, you will know if a jeweller is selling a similar piece in a higher or much lower price.


Don't spend all your money on the stone if you're going on a custom-made route. Take note that you will not only pay for the stone, you will also pay for the design and all other fees. If you will purchase a ready made jewellery, you will also need to set aside money for insurance.



Take note of all those tips when purchasing online and ensure that you’ll get the most out of your budget.

Do's and Don'ts When Purchasing Jewellery Online
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